Friday, September 14, 2007

Middle of September

So, a month has past since my introductory talk to the Faculty.
Everyone has been remarkably quiet.
Interesting how, however, messages seem to get lost in the re-telling.
People are worried about the re-structuring of the faculty - worried specifically about their jobs and their careers. Point is, maybe restructuring is too strong a word.
My main idea is that people who have things in common, should work closer together.
In my discussions with staff I keep on hearing of overlaps. I keep on hearing that some people have shortages in certain skills, while other people tell me that they teach those. So, if I can get those groups to work closer together, then we may be able to eliminate much of the duplication and get a lot more work done.
Four "houses" if you read Harry Potter, have already seemed to emerge. What I want to do, is to see how this grows. The creating of new structures is not a priority with me. My priority is getting research to happen, and streamlining teaching and learning to enable that. If in the process of such streamlining some groups work more closely together, then I have achieved my aim.
Today I had lunch with the Department of Fashion (I knew it was fashion because most of them wore black). And what fun we had!!! It was really great to discuss what it is to be and Academic - rather than a lecturer.
There's a whole lot of strategy and skill.
What people need to remember is that the currency that I work with, is people's careers. And I pledge myself to help every one who wants to work with me, to develop their careers - whether it be at CPUT, or outside.
Now, back to the budget proposals.