Sunday, January 31, 2010

Greetings from Khartoum

So, here I am in Khartoum AGAIN!
Tomorrow we will be doing a "Computers in Schools" conference.
The exciting thing about the conference this year is that we have so much to show that was done entirely in Sudan.
Abdurrhman and Ezzeldin arranged the conference, and the students will be the main speakers.
I will do a keynote and a summing up at the end.
It is amazing what we have achieved in the past few years!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I want to achieve this year

So, these are not new year's resolutions.
They are simply a set of activities that I have to engage in this year to keep up to date with what is going on in the rest of the world.
  1. Initiate the re-design of the FID Design Foundation Course. This needs to be done in order to prepare the faculty for the consolidation of the two graphic design departments on the Cape Town campus, while at the same time providing us a "foundation" for the new degrees and diplomas.
  2. Develop the framework of the B.Design degree, and the B.Design (Hons) degree - so that we will be in line with the new HEQF.
  3. Engage with the Faculty in a reflection on the first year courses of all the design disciplines, and PR. This will be done to find out what all the design disciplines have in common; to find out what makes each design discipline unique, to see what overlaps there are that we can exploit, and also to see what may be falling through the cracks all together. The information that we obtain this way will be very useful in helping us decide what the B.Design degree should look like, and also what the new diplomas in design should look like.
  4. Help with the arrangements of an E-Learning Update in Gauteng. The one in Cape Town was highly successful, and we really should do it in Gauteng - even if it is just a nice way to hold a "Catts" re-union.
  5. Help with raising R1000 000 for Westerford High School. The school with the best results in Maths and Science in the country really deserves an astra-turf hockey pitch!
  6. Help with arranging various IT Update conferences in the Cape and in Gauteng. This will help update me on the goings-on in the field of IT, and it will help put CPUT on the map in the country.
  7. Finish supervising my Sudanese Doctoral students, and hand over the Sudanese Masters in ICT for Education over to my Sudanese Doctoral Graduates.
  8. Institute a group that studies Instructional Technology at Masters and Doctoral studies at CPUT.
  9. Be a loving husband and a devoted father. (9 overrides 1 - 8)