Monday, March 9, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

So here is visual evidence of the great shave.
THANKS so much to those who contributed!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Design Indaba Award

This year the Faculty of Informatics and Design won the prize for BEST STAND at the Design Indaba.

And that after last year I was wondering why we were not exhibiting at all.

So, the faculty went from Zero to Hero in ONE YEAR!!!

And all that is thanks to Roxanne Spears and her winning team who did STERLING work.


After a hectic first month

So this is the end of the first official month of term.
And what a hectic month it has been.
Very exciting for me personally was a visit to the Faculty by Anthony Marks who presented a one-day workshop on "Teaching students to think"
Anthony's introduced the term "Lecturer efficiency" and showed how he used various techniquest to "replicate" himself so that he could serve his students more efficiently without it costing him more time. The most amazing thing, though, was to experience his passion.
I believe that the Faculty of Engineering have invited him to address them too, and I hope to arrange a follow-up with him later.
Then there were the appeals. We had quite a large number of appeals against exclusion, and a few appeals from late walk-ins. It was encouraging that the SRC was well represented in most of these appeals. Even more encouraging was the high level of maturity with which they handled themselves. I think we have come a long way, and I am proud of the faculty.
Speaking of pride. We took part in the Design Indaba this year and Our stand won!!! What a great tribute to our staff and students that we, who are the teachers of designers, can actually compete with "real" designers who have real budgets to work with.
The main tribute here must go to Roxanne Spears who work most energetically to extract contributions from the faculty - much the same way in which a dentist extracts wisdom teeth. And then of course, her talent as a trend spotter made the whole thing spot on. She did a real-life interpretation of what the international speakers at the Indaba were all saying - a blend of high-tech and low-tech, with specific emphasis on craft and on people. Well done Roxy. As soon as you send me some pictures, I will post them here.