Saturday, October 30, 2010

What a week!

This has been aan amazing week in the life of the Faculty.
On Monday afternoon and early evening saw the Cape Craft and Design Institute's Annual General Meeting, followed by the launch of their Creative Enterprises Training Unit.
On Monday night we said goodbye to our two doctoral students, John Room and Nirmi Ziegler who had been with us for almost a year.
Tuesday was E-strategies Africa where I chaired the panel.
Wednesday was Faculty Management meeting and in the afternoon we had a very successful meeting to discuss co-operation between Design, the Faculty of Informatics and Design, the East City Design Initiative and Cape Town 2014 bid, as well as the Vega College of Brand Communication.
Wednesday and Thursday also saw the B.Tech presentations of the IT Department. It was absolutely brilliant to see groups of students and lecturers in various venues being very academic!
Friday and Saturday saw a really good Masters' and Doctoral seminar.
And, finally before going home on Saturday afternoon, we set up a little exhibition for the Deans' Breakaway that we will be hosting on Monday.
I am so proud of the Faculty. So much is happening and so many people are doing so much!