Thursday, November 22, 2007

Exhibition time

It is now coming close to the end of my first semester here.
The really exciting thing is that I have been able to visit the year-end exhibitions of a number of departments, and also the year-end seminar of Informatics B-Tech.
Of course not all exhibitions have been without the nerves and emotions, but I believe that we are beginning to grow together as one Faculty, and that may well result in some growing pains.
The year is also seeing some retirements and some people leaving for promotions - which is always good. Particularly pleasing to me is that Babalwa Sepete, our Admin Assistant for IT, has got a promotion post within the institution. So thus the institution is not losing her bright personality and her expertise. WELL DONE BABALWA.
Some departments have been requesting to meet with me to discuss their position, and that has been exciting. I wish I could do more of that and less putting out of fires. But with Jameson Cona having joined us as fire-prevention officer (read Faculty Administrator) I hope that things will settle down to a simmer.
Maurice has been conducting a writing workshop for staff who want to start publishing, and that is exciting.
Johann van Niekerk has suggested that he invite his students to Facebook. I really hope this leads to something. Meanwhile Chris de Beer from DUT is also interested in this sort of stuff.
On the down side, staff are tired. It is the end of the year. Students are nervous.
But the days are getting longer, and winter is almost over