Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wendren's PPC Bag

CONGRATULATIONS to Wendryn Milford!

Check out this piece of really cool info from Mari Lecanides-Arnott.

Wendren, Wren and the PPC cement bag

The Design Foundation Course in the Faculty of Informatics and Design is most proud to announce that one of its lecturers, Wendren Milford will be launching her new PPC cement bag at Design Indaba 2010, where she will be showcasing her products as an Emerging Creative.
Wendren graduated with a BTech in Surface Design (cum laude, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, in 2006)
In 2008, she started her own business called Wren, after leaving a factory job. Initially she did everything on her own, designing, sewing and marketing. Since then, her business has grown and now she employs two seamstresses, which frees her up to spend more time designing and marketing her products. She does all of this when she is not teaching in the Design Foundation Course and setting up recycling bins in the studios, to encourage the students to become more aware of the environment.
Wendren designed her own website (http://www.thewrendesign.com/ ) where she shares her process and this is linked to her online shop (http://www.thewren.etsy.com/ ). Her bags are sold in many shops around the world in cities like, New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo. Locally, in South Africa, Wendren’s bags are sold in a few select shops and at the Neighbourgoods market in Cape Town.
Currently, Wren products consist of uncycled coffee bags and clutches, antique linen and leather bags, bird purses and the much awaited PPC cement bag, the Wren Cement Laptop Bag.
The PPC cement bag is a laptop bag, with a difference and is 100% South African with the following design features (information supplied by the designer):
This laptop bag is made out of unused Pretoria Portland Cement paper bags. - All the layers of the Wren Cement Laptop Bag are fused with calico, which makes the paper untearable and suitable for the purpose of a laptop bag.- The outside surface of the Wren Cement Laptop Bag is Scotch Guarded to make the surface water resistant and more durable.- The Wren Cement Laptop Bag closes with two magnet snap clips.- The Wren Cement Laptop Bag has two pockets and two sections inside. One pocket is large enough to carry laptop cables whilst the other is the right size for either an iphone or mouse. The divider is padded and separates the laptop from notes or other belongings that would be carried in the bag.- The base and one side of the Wren Cement Laptop Bag are padded for comfort and extra protection for the laptop.- The strap of the bag is made from Organic Hemp. This is also adjustable.

Mari Lecanides Arnott
Design Foundation Course

International fame at last

And so, inevitably I made it to Youtube. Just like Susan Boyle! (Ha ha ha).
seriously, though, it's actually the Faculty that made it to Youtube. I just had to say what we're about.
Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/user/creativecpt#p/a/u/1/vCo9FVEjbME
Thanks to Zayd Minty who reminded them of us! Long live the East City Design Initiative!