Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A week and a half later

So last week I spent in Mafikeng and Pretoria tying up loose ends - and using some time reflecting.
I did not take my "blue" book with me, so unfortunately much of the reflection is gone.
Monday 23rd was my first "Real" workday since the academic semester had started.
I began with taking William to school on my way. Imagine my shock when I discovered that I would end up driving to work IN THE DARK!
I thought I would be at the office hours before the rest, but ended up being there last. This is the dedication that the people around me have.
I had two meetings on the Bellville campus - a luncheon meeting with the Vice Chancellor, DVC, donors and the other Deans. Funny thing that - sort of felt like a fly on the wall watching all these people that I don't really know at all, but knowing that actually I was one of them!!
Second was a focus group about educational media. Had to work very hard not to take over the meeting. Did use it to recruit a number of potential students for an M.Tech in Educational Technology!
Then on the way home from Bellville I got lost and spent an hour battling rush hour traffic trying to fight my way home.

TUESDAY I was introduced officially to the Faculty Executive.
I came away from that meeting with a song in my heart. This is absolutely amazing. There are people there all ready, willing and able.
I know I am still starry eyed and maybe a little naive, but I really BELIEVE in this place.
After the introductions three members of the Department of Interior Design came along to hang my paintings and re-arrange my office. I thought it would be a good idea to consult the in-house experts - and it was. Watch this space for pictures!!!

WEDNESDAY I spent in Bellville again, and met some people. I am beginning to get regular feedback about this blog. Some about the content - and some just because they hate the colour from a design perspective.
So, clearly I need to consult again.
So, let me do it here.

PLEASE post suggestions abou improved colour combinations for this blog.


Matti said...

Invert the colors and you get my home page.

(Yes, I read your blog too)

Lynn said...

what I find truly interesting is that you have a blog (my discourse analysis background sends all sorts of questions abuzz in my head)the wonders of cyberspace that allows a sense of inclusion over physical barriers
- the interface is another issues for another time and in a design faculty I'm sure you'll get load of conflicting and supporting feedback

Dr Pam Miller said...

I graduate with a certificate in Advanced Technologies for Distance Education from the University of West Georgia on 27 July 2007. I am now a training to become a Distance Education Certified Trainer at the same university. I hope CPUT can use my skills for their M. Ed Technology.

Johannes Cronje said...

Hi all
THREE comments this time. Clever Matti to notice that, as we already know - we are opposites. Did you see our poster on my wall (Andres noticed it). You need to come and visit soon. I sent your thesis to a number of people here and they are very excited about it.
Lynn, you frighten me by wanting to read my mind as well as my text.
I also have a myspace and a facebook and a delicious. I need someone to research the role of social software in creating a learning community in a merged faculty.
PAM, you KNOW that you should be involved in more than teaching end-user computing at CPUT. I am still thinking of lots of ways in which I can abuse your talents.