Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pieter Cronje 1962 - 2010

On 16 May last year I published a tribute to my brother Pieter.
This morning between six and seven life became too hard for him to bear and he passed away.
My heart is very sore at the loss of my brother. I am deeply grateful that I wrote a tribute to him while he was alive, and that he could read it.
Over the Easter weekend he and I spent much time talking about life and how we live it - the choices we make and time and time again he kept on referring to that blog - saying that he just does not see himself in that light. He just would not see any good in himself.
No amount of talking and support from me, my mother or any of his friends could work.
Ironically the one who was always there when others were in trouble, simply refused to be helped when he was down.
Ek sal jou mis, Pietieros!

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