Friday, October 31, 2008

Your responses to "Bootcamp"

The responses to the "Bootcamp" idea that I have received either on the blog or via email have been overwhelmingly positive.

It's too late on a Friday afternoon for me to do the topic justice, but here is a foretaste:

The two concerns are
a. The name "Bootcamp" may sound too military, and may have negative connotations, and
b. The programme should be marketed as highly positive, and not be associated with punishment or fear.

To that I have added a few concerns too
a. Maybe it is too early in the year. Students don't know what they don't know.
b. Maybe it is too long an interruption in one go.

So, I have thought that maybe we should spread it thus
a. Two weeks at the beginning of the year.
b. Two weeks towards the end of the first term (i.e. just after assessment - maybe during moderation

Finally, I thought we could include the whole thing in the current discussions that I am having about Prof Prac - and actually include it in there.

I will, however go very carefully through all the suggestions and then put it to a working committee.

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wendal said...

As a department, we've always felt that some sort of bridging or induction to skills required for Higher Ed would be most useful. I welcome the idea. The logistics, as alluded to by others, would require some thought. Also, while I hesitate to venture a prediction as to the effectiveness of addressing shortcomings in literacy and numeracy skills in 4-6 weeks, I have no doubt that an introduction to some of areas as suggested by others in these postings would probably be most welcome. Some ideas for areas to include as a first attempt: Information literacy and Library Skills , Computer lit, Soft Skills like time-management, presentation skills, stress management, Study Skills, Note Taking and academic document preparation, problem solving and creativity. Some areas might require a more discipline-specific approach for e.g. numeracy and logics skills for the more technical subjects, design and creativity for more design-related programmes, combinations of both where required.Thanks.