Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a week!

This has been an amazing week so far!
Firstly we heard that we may be getting some extra money from the Department of Education so that we can add to our buildings.
Then we had some good meetings to clear up misunderstandings over some years.
On Tuesday night Juana, Retha, Andre and I had dinner with Dewald Roode. What fun it was picking just relaxing with a long-standing friend, colleague and mentor.
Wednesday was amazing. We are in the process of forming our academic clusters that I spoke about in my inaugural address. Wednesday consisted of Colin and myself sitting and listening to delegations of senior staff in every section, hearing their plans and aspirations. This was an exceedingly worthwhile exercise. Two things happened. Many sections saw how they could improve synergies among themselves, and Colin and I saw what sort of synergies could arise throughout the Faculty.
Tonight Melius Weideman will be presenting his professorial inaugural lecture, and tomorrow afternoon the new SRC president is being installed.
A phenomenal week!

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