Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hennie Wierenga (1937 - 2010)

Franci's Mom, Mrs Hennie Wierenga passed away yesterday morning - 2 November.
She had been struggling with her health for many years, and went through a really rough coupe of months lately.
We had to bring her down from Pretoria two years ago, and we put her in a really splendid home called Huis Avondrus, who cared for her very well, given that she had very specialized requirements owing to her health and medication.
About a month ago she had to be hospitalised when she developed pneumonia, and although she recovered from the illness, she remained dazed and confused.
A week and a bit ago she had to be hospitalised again with suspected kidney failure. Although she recognized Franci the night when she was admitted, she never regained consciousness and had to be kept on a drip and given an oxygen mask to help with her breathing.  Franci visited her every day, but there was no clear improvement and she just faded away. 
The last two years of her life were very hard for her, and we are grateful that she is at rest now.

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